Five DIY Wedding Projects You Will Definitely Want To Keep

Happy Friday beautiful people! As you already know, I am a big sucker for all things DIY. I especially enjoy those practical projects that are useful (and beautiful) beyond the big day, and so todays DIY round-up celebrates exactly that. Make it and keep it in your home as a sweet and stylish reminder of your big day…

Five DIY Wedding Projects You Will Definitely Want To Keep

O N E // This simple but super stylish lighting idea could be whipped up in no time, and would make a very affordable table centerpiece at a rustic inspired wedding. I was unable to find the source of the image, but the idea is simple Simon: find a beautiful piece of wood, drill holes in it big enough to pop your candles in and hey presto! This would look amazing with the new coloured candles out, and you could also paint the wood. Nice.

T W O // When I discovered this fresh floral pendant light over at Paper & Stitch I got more than a little excited. Obviously the upkeep on this beyond your big day might be a little time-consuming BUT the light looks fabulous even without the flowers and what an amazing way to decorate a special occasion! Of course you don’t need to have an actual light inside and if you wanted to mix it up you could try it around a wire ball. LOVE IT!

T H R E E // I have a bit of a thing for signage, so this Vintage Marquee DIY over at Oh Happy Day immediately caught my wandering eye. Surprisingly easy to make this would look amazing both on the day and in your home, and if you drop the M and change the I to an L, guess what it spells? LOVE. awwww

F O U R // A beautiful coat hanger is a great way to beautify your wardrobe, and this 40 minute Coat Hanger  DIY over at Cut Out & Keep makes a clever gift idea for your bridesmaids (hang the dresses on them ready for the day), and of course would be super fabulous at home (especially when your wardrobe is a sea of black!)

F I V E // These cool bananas clouds found via Decor 8 are oh so sweet and would make one fancy pants photo backdrop for your big day. Made with wallpaper and ribbon, the idea is pretty easy to replicate: Paste your wall paper/ wrapping paper / any paper! on to card, once dry draw the cloud shape on the back (in case you make a boo boo) and cut it out. Find some ribbon / crepe rolls / string and attached to the back. Then simply hang them up with fishing line / string / anything you like! They would look fantastic in a kids room after the big day, and of course you could make any shapes that tickle your fancy.

♥ If you are getting crafty and have some tips to share or ideas for projects, please share the love! I am making some hessian curtains for the lounge this weekend and a concrete stool (all going to plan) so will be sure to share pics of my failure or success. Have a fantastic weekend beautiful people xox

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