Mouth Watering Wedding Inspiration (Yep, You Can Eat It!) With Vege Bouquet

OH ME OH MY if someone had told me six years ago when I started PAPER + LACE that I would one day be swooning over bouquets made from vegetables, I would have thought they were bonkers! Which is why I’m not only insanely excited to share this new concept with you, but super proud that it is happening right here in NZ!

A growing trend (pun intended) worldwide, vegetable and fruit bouquets are allowing couples a unique way to personalise their weddings, not only bringing a whole new level of originality to wedding floristry, but also some awesome benefits! Zero-waste (all arrangements are fresh and edible), healthy and fabulous! (and these beautiful bouquets will even take care of those pre and post reception hunger pains without the bloat! nibble nibble!)

The awesome team at Auckland’s VEGE BOUQUET are the first to make vegetable and fruit bouquets in New Zealand, and today they are giving us some gorgeous inspiration that will wow you for sure! Check out their website for more amazing creations! www.vegebouquet.co.nz xox

“In this photoshoot we took the idea of earthy-themed wedding to the next level, placing it in the native forest and creating the bridal bouquet out of herbs and vegetables. The bride poses as a Wood Princess, who lives in the forest castle in harmony with nature and enjoying its gifts, listening to the whisper of hundreds years old native trees. Green is the main colour and the core idea of the photoshoot. The atmosphere of this photo shoot is surreal but genuine, inspired by the beauty of New Zealand’s nature, it’s colours and smells.” 


Idea + Bridal Bouquets Vege Bouquet 
Photography Fox & Fern Photography 
Model Rose Halfpenny
Dress Daisy Brides by Katie Yeung 
Hair + Makeup Sophie Blondel