22 Gorgeous Perspex / Acrylic Wedding Signs To DIY or BUY!

Acrylic, also known as Plexiglas, Acrylite, Lucite, and Perspex (the last is common in NZ) is a lightweight glass alternative that can take your wedding signage from boring to booyah! Whether you want to buy or get crafty and diy, below is a little inspiration here for every style. To source perspex or acrylic in NZ you can either shop for smaller bits and bobs at places like Warehouse Stationery or Storage Box or head straight to your local sign writing companies who will either be able to cut you some to size or point you in the direction of someone who can! Enjoy xox

via Martha Stewart Weddings (gold foil lettering) Image by Mirelle Carmichael

Acrylic Wedding Sign

by Rich Design Co

acrylic wedding sign with greenery at a modern wedding

by MV Creative Maison

by Nomad Styling (pressed flowers between two sheets)

acrylic wedding hashtag sign against rustic door

by Signed by Wyatt

acrylic sign leaning against wedding alter with floral arrangement

by MV Creative Maison

by Pacific Engagements

acrylic wedding sign with gold calligraphy and floral garland

by Z Create Design

cocktail wedding acrylic sign

by Wonder Love Press Co

acrylic wedding sign framed in a gold gilded frame leaning against a tree

by MV Creative Maison

acrylic wedding welcome sign

by Louie & Lefty

wedding card box by Save The Date Designs Co.

by Ashdown & Bee

simple acrylic wedding sign with a background of ferns

by Within & Without Co

bride holding an acrylic calligraphy wedding invitation

Calligraphy Invitation by Calligraphy With Style

acrylic wedding sign saying choose a seat not a side and no photography please

by Wonder Love Press Co

by Jack & Ginger

NZ MADE by Paper Rose Stationery & Weddings By Paris

NZ MADE by Inkberry Calligraphy

via Danielle Poff Photography (ok so this one is glass but you get the idea!)

by Z Create Design

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