DIY or BUY. Six simple sea shell projects for your wedding day.

There are many sea shell projects out there that require insane amounts of fancy pants shells (and talent). Not today – but of course we’ve also included links to buy.

If you can get your hands on some oyster shells they do look fab (especially for project 1.) but all of todays DIYs can be made with nothing more than your good ole local beach shells, and will look amazing for your beach wedding. Hunting for beach shells is good for the soul, and all of these ideas can be whipped up in less than a day (depending on your patience!) If you like this, you’ll LOVE our DIY or BUY series! Enjoy.

Oyster Shell Salt & Pepper Wedding Favours


one // These Oyster shell salt & pepper holders are kick ass for your wedding table or even your guest favours. Via Design Sponge. If you’re just looking for one or two of these, we’ve also found some affordable ones here and here (and pictured below).

Oyster shell salt & pepper holders

Sea Shell Spoon – Wedding Theme Decor

DIY or BUY. Six simple sea shell projects for your wedding day.

two // Drill a hole, poke some bendy wire through and twist and tweak. More fab than practical but would look great on a wedding table. Via Sweet Paul Magazine. I also love these wooden oyster shell spoons via Etsy.

Wooden spoon with oyster shell

Shell Candles

PAPER & LACE 6 Sweet Wedding (& Home) DIY Projects by Burkatron 6

three // Beautifully simple, learn to make these shell candles via Design Sponge or BUY via Flora Studios

Sea Shell Backdrop


four // Keep it small as a wind chime or table chandelier or go big and make a backdrop for your photos or for the end of the aisle. Found via Home Sweet Homemade. Here are a couple more intricate of our fav Sea Shell Chandeliers to BUY.


Sea Shell Fairy Lights


five // These shell fairy lights are insanely easy to do – learn how with Ruperts House

Sea Shell Necklace


six // A sweet gift for your bridesmaids! Learn how to make at Madigan Made or buy this beautiful Hawaiian Sunrise Necklace.


If you enjoyed this, make sure to visit our DIY or BUY series, and Shop with us.


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