The 2021 Wedding Trend That Could Save You Thousands of Dollars

Let’s be honest. When it comes to weddings, saving money is like walking through a mine field. One step in the wrong direction and BOOM you just spent another $500 on something that wasnt even in your original wedding budget. Gah.

But less is more. Say hello to the minimalist trend.

Not because the wedding bloggers say it’s ‘cool’ (although it totally is #guilty), or because you want to prove you’re the most unphased, no fuss bride who ever lived (when you’re actually not) but because realistically most of us want to reduce the time, money and stress involved in our wedding day, by cutting out the clutter and minimalising the industry standard bullshit.

Did I just say that out loud?

Because ultimately weddings are about the bride and groom. Not the diy favours, not the ten tier cake and certainly not the bridal party that is so large that you look more like a Polygamous cult. Eek.

So, how can you achieve minimalism in your wedding without losing the romantic and meaningful vibe?

Here are a few of my favourite ideas to help you ‘get the look’ (while actually save you time, money + stress!)


Francois Dress from Fame & Partners

Or any colour for that matter! It doesn’t have to come from a bridal boutique and french lace and tulle are not compulsory. Simple is elegant and timeless and if you’re anything like me the only white lace I like to wear is on my underwear! Online stores like Revolve, Fame & Partners (my fave!), ASOS, and The Iconic have simple, elegant, affordable dresses that look every bit as spectacular as a full-blown gown. Even the coveted BHLDN has a range of minimalist affordable gowns that still say ‘wedding dress!’. Want something handcrafted? Head to Etsy… the options are endless!

Tip: Search for ‘white dress’ or ‘white bridesmaid dresses’ online and you will find tons that are bride worthy for less than half the price!


If you’re tables are pretty go the full monty and replace table cloths with placemats and/or table runners. Then keep the centrepieces simple (think grazing platters and foliage rather than flowers and more flowers). My favourite place to source runners is Linen Lark (handmade and soooo affordable!), and placemats at Kmart.


You know whats easier than deciding who to have in your bridal party? Having no – one in your bridal party (or if the thought of that makes you weep, then choose just one!). Not only will this save you a huge amount on dresses, flowers, shoes, jewellery, gifts, proposal presents, hair, makeup and possibly even accommodation BUT you can instead splurge on a weekend away / bachelorette party with your besties in lieu of (trust me, it’s a win win).


DIY usually takes longer than you expect, costs twice as much as you estimated on your wedding budget, and can be exhausting.

When deciding what to diy ask yourself these questions,

one. Is this project essential in helping the day run smoothly?
two. If we forgot to include or display this project on the day, would anyone realise?
three. Is the cost and time of this project worth the effort?

If you answered NO (or even probably not), then don’t do it. Instead spend the money (and time) on something that is more important to you both like the food or honeymoon (did someone say upgrade?).


There are so many fantastic apps that offer you a one stop shop with your own personalised website, guest list management, digital rsvp’s, registries, social media management, and a ton of other useful things for both you and your guests! My favourite, hands down is Joy… and it’s FREE yo!

Other great platforms are Paperless Post, Minted and of course my fave Etsy!


Carry a smaller bouquet or even just a few stems (remember less is more!), and either grow them yourself or ask someone in your family or one of your guests if you could pinch some from their garden (same goes for reception flowers!). Note: I want to mention that floral stylists are well worth the money (it’s harder than it looks to create a monster sized bouquet and keep it looking good), so the key to diy flowers it to keep is small and simple! (don’t get carried away!)


Unless your wedding favours are a return ticket for an island getaway, you are wasting your time and money with this one (and most get left at the wedding anyway). If you really want to thank specific guests give them a gift in person. Aww.


Ok, so you still need to gather somewhere, but why not make it a park or public space for your ceremony and your fave restaurant for your reception (or even a nice pub!)

I once went to a standing ceremony (check it out here) under a tree in a public park (the one above) and it was so much more intimate! They had a few chairs for older people but guests felt more connected standing with the couple (and they saved on chair hire and decoration!) P.S They had a cardboard cut out of their cat who couldn’t be there! LOVE!

Other ideas for achieving a minimalist wedding? (i.e items to ditch)

♥ Replace the cake and candy buffets with simple cheese platters or serve a small desert.

♥ Go for longer reception tables with no seating plan (much more social and you save on place names and/or a seating chart)

♥ Go on your honeymoon that evening so you don’t have to plan any post wedding events (or clean up haha!)

I hope this has inspired you to go minimal with your wedding beautiful people! xox

For more ideas search for ‘minimalist’, ‘simple’, ‘modern’ and of course ‘wedding’ in Pinterest.

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