Note to Self #1

PAPER & LACE Note to Self #1 1

Have you ever wanted something so bad, yet the very thought of it scares the shit out of you? Perhaps you feel that way about planning you wedding, so obsessed with your day being perfect, that you’re struggling to even get started? Maybe you are fed up with work, and want to throw in the

Six Sweet Boutonniere Ideas

PAPER & LACE Six Sweet Boutonniere Ideas 1

When I came across this collection of Boutonnieres over at Waterfall Creative, I just had to share the love. Made in the US by Danielle Marie from Three Little Birds, these perfectly formed floral’s would be a bit tricky to import, but they are super inspiring to say the least. (Impossible to pick a favie though!)

Awesometown (the happenings and hurrahs)

PAPER & LACE Awesometown (the happenings and hurrahs) 1

This week I am feeling super grateful for the small things in life! Here are four of my favourites… – On Wednesday my 82 year old Nana and I spent the day driving up to visit my Grandfathers grave (who died a year ago this week) We shared an energy drink, a few double browns

Board #5 Antique Gold

PAPER & LACE Board #5 Antique Gold

Hey hey it’s Monday, and I hope you had a fancy pants weekend? I have just returned from a swell week frollicking in the north with family, but admittedly I am happy to be home to my furry friends (husband included) feeling refreshed and definitely inspired by my week away. Whilst on our travels we