Board #4. Precious Coral

PAPER & LACE Board #4. Precious Coral 1

I have always had a soft spot for coral. Reminding me of my Nana’s lipstick when I was a just a kid, it is such a  bright and happy colour that looks fabulous against  summer skin. If you dig coral as much as I do, feel free to get pin happy here ♥ Coral parakeet // Jo +

Board #2. The Dark Side

PAPER & LACE Board #2. The Dark Side 2

Hello beautiful people! I hope you have all had a relaxing and inspiring weekend so far. Hubby has ditched me to go hunting for 4 days, so I will spend my Sunday relaxing with the animals left behind, a walk on the beach, a good book and a little pampering. Bliss. Today I give you my